Tell the world about the LG G2 smartphone‘s Optical Image Stabilisation technology.


Chickens use an elegant system to keep their eyes focused during movement. It‘s called the vestibulo ocular reflex. And we took this unique attribute to the extreme to explain the complex technology to a broad audience and make it go viral at the same time.


Lizzie the Chicken
To find Lizzie the chicken, we did an extensive search. Lizzie didn‘t just stand out in looks but also in agility. Conveying a natural, almost Zen like flair and ease. Heroically she conquered moving boards, ventilators, a baby carrier, a motorbike, a camera helmet and a large production crew.


Dave the Cameraman
The human portion of the cast: Dave isn‘t actually an actor, in fact, he‘s a schoolteacher. He caught our eye during a street casting session in London, where we set out looking for an outdoorsy aussie looking character with a lot of natural charm.

From straw to stardom

After doing a great job telling their story and reaching over 6 million views in two months together, Lizzie proved to be the true star of the production. Of course we gave her the treatment befitting a star with such a large audience. Providing her with her own chair, trailer and even a bowl of red M&M’s. And not to forget a lifetime of farm freedom.

Watch Lizzie in full action >

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