Fire Up 2021

A good luck machine that got the whole world tweeting optimistically about 2021.

Laura Kampf and Adam Savage built a dangerous thing. And it worked! From the ancient Aztecs to the beaches of Bali, fire dancing has been battling evil spirits and bringing good fortune for over a millenia. So how can we make sure 2021 will be a better year?

Live audience tweeted #2021 to control the machine

Savage and Kampf went live on Laura’s YouTube channel to unveil the beast of a machine. The propeller-like construction features a 1.5-meter long arm affixed with steel wool, which bursts into flames shooting sparks up to 30 meters away. Powering the machine is a very capable 3 phase 2.8 HP motor, and your positive tweets about 2021.

As more tweets with the hashtag #2021 poured in, the faster the propeller blade spins, ultimately igniting the steel wool and turning your tweets about 2021 into a spinning fire display that symbolizes excitement for the new year.


Fire Up 2021 was part of a larger campaign from Lenovo and Intel called For All of Us Fridays. A weekly series of Friday-based events that brought the magic back to your weekend. The online activation connected the audience with some of the Internet's hottest creators for engaging live events that gave people what they were missing most… that “friday feeling”.

People Loved It

Thousands of people tuned in and tweeted for the unveiling on YouTube Live. Over 2 million watched Fire Up 2021 on YouTube and Twitter, and more than 20.000 people liked the machine. In Laura’s words: wow!