Let’s flip the switch on traditional agency pitches

As an in-demand independent agency we get a lot of pitch requests. That’s great. But, pitches are very time consuming, and the brands aren’t always a great match.

What if we could refresh this industry habit of agency pitches and flip the script?

The Client Pitch

It’s like a normal pitch, except reversed. Iinstead of us pitching our work to potential clients, they pitch their brand to us. Why not? Brands want a killer agency, and we want clients that are a good fit.

We even made a scorecard, and included a $500 pitch fee that we’d donate to charity for every brand that participated.

So, did it work?
Ehhhh… kind of

We got loads of attention in the media, our inbox flooded with kudos from agency leaders, and got loads of pitch invites… from brands that loved the idea and wanted us to pitch.

Until, we got one. An actual participant. And they seemed really cool.

Although this result was not exactly what we set out to do, it did give us some great visibility - and we actually won 2 of the pitches as well.

Old industry
habits die hard

Brands weren’t lining up to pitch for us, but it was worth a shot. After all, someone had to take the first shot.

Let’s keep reimagining how the advertising industry can evolve.