The first-ever TikTok Sitcom

TikTok isn’t just for dancing, it’s also where we premiered “Almost Home for the Holidays”, a user generated sitcom that uses TikTok’s native features to the max.

Duet me: you’re the blue line

To make it, we teamed up with #ActingChallenge Queen @ElianaGhen, who performs her part of the script and invites the audience to use TikTok’s Duet feature to act out the other characters’ lines which are hardcoded on the video.

The script follows the classic sitcom structure, in this case, a woman’s attempt to get home for the holidays despite increasing airline restrictions, and a power hungry ticket agent. It also adds the spontaneity and humour that only an unfiltered and well-caffeinated TikTok audience can bring.

The story is told over 4 TikTok videos that feature Ghen performing her part of the script along with your lines superimposed on the video. The videos quickly racked up millions of organic views and thousands of duets. The best ones were selected and stitched together to be used in a 3-minute final cut which premiered on Ghen’s TikTok channel.


The Sitcom was part of Lenovo Yoga and Intel Evo’s #ForAllofUsFridays, which brought back the magic to your weekend with a series of Friday events connecting our audience with some of the Internet’s hottest creators.

Yoga’s tagline is ‘For all of us’. The TikTok Sitcom certainly did so: not only did it give our audience some much needed Friday fun, it also democratized the sitcom genre.

People loved it

In the end, we created a Friday experience that not only engaged our hard to reach audience, but also created a clever new way to use TikTok.

With no money spent on TikTok advertising, we generated nearly 7 million views, over 800,000 likes, and thousands of positive comments.

Is it advertising? Not really. Does it create brand love? Oh yeah.