Lenovo Yoga’s audience grew a little older, so it was our task to rejuvenate the brand and connect it with a younger Gen Create audience.

We identified 3D art as a great way to to differentiate the powerful Lenovo Yoga Pro 9i from other premium laptops and tapped into the cultural momentum of street art turning 50. True to Gen Z's desire to rewrite the rules, we invited 3D creators on TikTok, Instagram and YouTube to create their version of digital street art.

The result? An unprecedented product launch success, and a renewed interest with a super hard-to-reach audience.


Our social-first, creator campaign found the sweet spot with our hard-to-reach Gen Z audience, leading to the Lenovo Yoga selling out within a week on Lenovo.com.

The physics-defying digital street art content was seen by over 250 million people and generated over 2.23 million likes, comments and shares.

This new brand love translated to sales as well, increasing brand awareness by 6%, consideration by 4%, and despite the overall market shrinking by 6% we actually increased sales by 27%. Amazing numbers which lead to an 11% increase of revenue. Globally, in all geos.

Mentoring the next
generation of creators

Sure, many social creators just dance or post silly memes, but there’s a growing community of highly-skilled creators that young people really look up to. We help them see that making their dreams come true is possible.

To inspire up and coming creators, we organized ‘digital art school’, a mentorship program that connected the newest generation of creators with our campaign pros, helping them level up their skills.